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OGS are not in a position to take on any new gas fire service or repair work for the foreseeable future

Our highly experienced OGS engineers can quickly and efficiently repair most gas fires that have broken down, as long as replacement parts are still available and as long as we think it is economical to do so. Our engineers will always look for the most affordable solution to your problem. If we know that you are likely to save money on future repairs by replacing an old gas fire with a new one, then we will recommend you do so. OPENED FLUE FIRES If your fire is connected to a chimney, then it is an opened flue fire. From our many years of professional experience our engineers recommend servicing this type of fire every 12 months, as there is always a risk of a chimney blockage, particularly due to birds nesting in there during the spring and summer. In addition, if your fire was installed many years ago, then it, or the ventilation in the room may not meet current standards and our engineers can advise here too. If you don’t already have one, install a CO alarm in the room with the gas fire. POWER FLUE FIRES If your house has an outside wall but no chimney, your fire is probably connected to a power flue (fan flue). This type of fire needs to have the fan started before the fire can light, making it safe to use. It is recommended that you have this appliance serviced annually to ensure it continues to operate safely and efficiently. Unfortunately, where a fan flue is fitted to an appliance at height, such as an apartment block, OGS is not in a position to service these fires. BALANCED FLUE FIRES Balanced flue fires can be fitted on outside walls, so they do not need a fan. These are usually glass fronted and are wall sealed units. These appliances should be serviced annually, so that seals can be checked for leakage of products of combustion. If you don’t already have one, install a CO alarm in the room with the gas fire. DIY REPAIRS By law, gas appliances should only ever be worked on by a qualified RGI engineer. However, where a remote control is in use on a fire, customers can change the batteries themselves which will often be enough to bring a dead fire back to life. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use industrial grade batteries which may be a little more difficult to find and a bit more expensive, but they will perform much better. REMEMBER, always ensure you have a working CO alarm in a room with a gas fire and NEVER cover or block an air vent in a room with a gas fire.  

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